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The line-up includes a 45-inch tall upswept trapezoidal tower, a bookshelf speaker, center channel, and a unique and flexible surround speaker. The Ultra Series loudspeakers are built with top-grade components and high-end design features configured to Speaker docks outfitted with Apple’s Lightning dock also adds AirPlay connectivity and a larger set of 3.5-inch drivers. But even if speaker docks are on their way out, we can’t help but admire how elegantly B&W concealed the lightning connector Dali isn’t known for its accessible low-cost speakers, but the Dali Epicon range just got its most accessible entry yet. The Dali Epicon 2 bookshelf speakers will seem eye-wateringly expensive to most, at £3,750 a pair, but they are certainly a lot easier Read more AV receiver review written by the Home Theater Review staff. • Find bookshelf speaker and Floorstanding Speakers to pair with the DTR-70.4. • Explore amplifier in our Amplifier Review section. The DTR-70.4 isn’t Integra’s flagship receiver The S1’s enclosure measures 10 x 9 inches in cross-section and stands just short of 4 feet high The driver choice and general design concept mirrors those of Polk’s higher-priced speakers. At CES, Polk showed a cutaway version of the top-of The Invisa HTR 7000 is intended for use in the left, center, and right channels of a home theater system, with the speakers mounted in the ceiling above and slightly in front of the screen. The drivers are the same as those found in the Aon 3 bookshelf .

Naturally, the AM-1 monitors deliver the kind of audio performance expected from the company that brought us the gorgeous Zeppelin, the excellent P5s and the PV1D bookshelf speakers. They feature an unusual inverted drive unit configuration, with a 25-mm We’ve long used Denon AV receivers for our home-theatre setups, and have been impressed in the past with the company’s bookshelf speaker systems, so we were keen to get our hands on the Cocoon, Denon’s first foray into the world of speaker docks. I did some critical two-channel listening of the SP-FS52 towers and SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speakers. I then switched to 5.1 music and movies to evaluate the entire system via the Emotiva separates. The bass in this tune will quickly reveal any misbehavior in So after some online research and visualisations in my mind, I set out to make speaker stands that already had a nice finish (that needed NO painting). I ended up with these. DIY Make Your Own Bookshelf Speaker Stands from IKEA Parts for $US50 (or less .


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